Get To Know Us

Our Team

The Founder and the Manager

Nik  Papadhopulli occupies the corner office. Nik comes from an engineering  background and  has worked as a senior property manager for many years  for several big property management companies operating in the Greater  Toronto Area. Earned recognition for maintaining properties while  completing extensive remodeling and engineering interventions as needed  through professional networking and board consensus. He brings to the  team the experience of a senior manager who never lost a contract, and  the vision of someone in charge to increase the property value through  diligent managing of the owners funds and Corporation resources. 

Accounting Department

Red Papa leads the accounting department. She has an extensive background  in banking and has previously worked for major banks in Toronto. Our  accounting team relies on her expertise and the use of the latest  accounting software tailored specifically for Condominium  Management.

Our Admin 

Zana Meksi  leads the admin team, we just can't thank her enough for her dedication and hard work behind the scenes. 

Our Location

Our  head office is located in Kitchener, Ontario; though our managers and  admin personnel serve on site at many Corporations throughout Toronto GTA


Our  team is proud to provide a boutique experience unlike anything else in  the Condo Management business. The quality service and attention to  detail far surpasses the competition. We carefully choose and evaluate  our potential properties. Our customers are of the utmost importance to  us, so failure is never an option. 

Can I book an appointment at the head office for a quote?

Of course. One can also use our web site to generate a quote from our management team.

Records and accounting ?

Our  accounting is held on site at the head office,. We operate with Condo  Manager™ accounting software, the top of the line software in the  property management field, which has given us an edge in maintaining  accurate accounting records and owners records.

What if there's an emergency and it's not during office hours?

Our  emergency lines are open 24/7 so we are always available to respond to  calls from owners regarding crisis  events, no matter how large or  small.



Butlers Management Services Division of RTB.Ltd is a Licensed Condominium Management  provider in compliance with CMRAO. Our managers hold General License as per requirements of Condo Act.

Copy of the Licenses can be provided upon request.


Butlers Management Services Division of RTB.Ltd in compliance with CMRAO holds  Error & Omission Insurance  and Fidelity Insurance. 

Copy of  Insurance Policies can be provided upon request.

Professional Association 

Butlers Management Services , Division of RTB .Ltd founder Nik Papadhopulli is a proud member of ACMO and pledged to place honesty, integrity and industriousness above all, to pursue gainful efforts with diligent study and dedication to the end that service to clients shall always be maintained at the highest  possible level.

Nik is an active member of the local chapter of CCI and continues to use CCI resources to remain informed and updated with the latest Government Legislation and Code of Ethic guidelines. 

Professional Network

Our team believes in bringing in the latest methods, technology, and solutions and making them part of our tools in the pursuit of finding best practices. We rely on a selection of suppliers recommended by our professional associations  and carefully evaluate all aspects of their reputation and performance: Cost, Value, Experience, Flexibility,  Response, Quality, Reliability, Insurance.

Our Partners