Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ announcements regarding Ontario’s condominium sector.

Starting May 1, 2018, regulations under the Condo Act that support the installation of electric vehicle charging systems (EVCS) in condominiums take effect. 

 On March 26, 2018, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services  informed you that the Status Certificate and Status Certificate in  Amalgamation forms under the Condo Act have also been updated to address  the EVCS changes. The new versions of these forms are dated March 23,  2018 and will also take effect as of May 1, 2018. They are now available  on the Government of Ontario web page for Condo Act forms

 The Preliminary Notice of Meeting of Owners and Notice of Meeting of  Owners forms under the Condo Act have been updated to address these new  changes. These forms have also been updated to reflect recent input from  the public and condo sector on ways that the forms could be improved. 

The new versions of these forms are effective as of May 1, 2018 and are now available on the Government of Ontario web page for Condo Act forms

Update on Incoming Cannabis Legislation:


Condo Market to level off in 2018: Report


The CMRAO issues four types of licenses. For individuals, there are  three types of licences you can apply for depending on your level of  experience and education in condo management. The fourth type of licence  is for condo management companies.   


 In the interest of consumer protection, CMRAO licensees are required to follow a number of rules as outlined in the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015  (CMSA) and under the Code of Ethics regulation. These rules were  written by the provincial government, but are enforced by the CMRAO. 


 The CMRAO’s complaints process provides an impartial assessment of  concerns regarding the condominium management services provided by  licensed managers and management companies. 

Code of Ethic Condo Board

 CCI promotes best practices within condominium through its Code of  Ethics for ACCIs. We have also developed a suggested Code of Ethics for  Condominium Directors. While it is obviously up to individual Directors  and Boards to decide whether they will subscribe to the Code, it does  consist of best practices for Directors and we encourage Directors and  Boards to voluntarily comply and enforce the Code. 

Government Forms

Government of ONTARIO Forms

Forms relating to meeting and voting.

1. Proxy Form.

2. Preliminary notice of meeting of owners.

3. Notice of meeting of owners.

4.Notice of meeting of owners 34.5 vacancy on the board.

5. Submission to include material in the notice of meeting of the owners.

6.Agreement to receive notice electronically. 

Forms relating to information certificate.

1. Periodic information certificate.

2. Information certificate update.

3. New owner information certificate.

4. Notice of online posting of information certificate.

Forms relating to records.

1. Request for records.

2. Board response for request for records.

3. Waiver by requester of records.

4. Notice relating to record of owners.

5. Notice relating to records of martgagees.

Condo Act Forms


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